R&D Activities

The overall goal of this research direction is to contribute, support, and facilitate the application and adoption of the principles of Design for All and Universal Access in the context of the Information Society.
The main goal of research in this domain is to support seamless, high-quality, unobtrusive, inclusive and fault-tolerant interaction in Ambient Intelligence Environments. In this context, the HCI Laboratory develops novel software development frameworks and methods, and develops ambient interactive systems targeted to enabling natural and intuitive interaction of people with the intelligent environment via multiple modalities and coupled devices.
Development of interactive games designed to optimally fit and dynamically adapt to different individual gamer characteristics.
Activities in this domain concern the provision of universally accessible and usable online communities.
Emphasis is put on the thorough design and implementation of novel domain–specific programming languages, focussing on large-scale User-Interface programming languages and adaption-oriented decision–logic specification languages.
The goal of this activity is to support the development of User Interfaces with a dual emphasis on improving both the software process and overall system usability.