Training Activities

As part of its activities, the Center for Cultural Informatics organizes educational seminars on Cultural Informatics, Data Modeling, Data Models and Standards, Monuments' and museums' information systems, Source Material Management (digitization, classification, indexing, memorization and management), Terminology systems, etc.


[September, October 2021]

A series of 5 seminars - interdisciplinary collaboration meetings with humanities scientists on epistemology issues affecting the construction of ontologies and systems in the humanities

  • Seminar "Thesauri in Digital Collections of the Humanities"
  • Seminar "The path from relational Databases to openly interconnected cultural heritage data: Matching and Transformation Technologies"
  • Seminar "Natural Language Processing"
  • Seminar "Access and Search Services"
  • Seminar "Quantitative and Qualitative Data Analysis in Historical Research"


[September 23, 2020]

Seminar on "Information Systems for Documenting Scientific Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences



A specialised seminar series on Cultural Informatics subjects has been developed in the context of the project "Human Network of Cultural Informatics", including (in greek):

  • Cultural data modelling and terminology systems
  • Interoperability, information integration and access
  • Source material digitization and encoding

These seminars can be offered again upon request.