Information Retrieval and Analysis

Coordinator: Prof. Yannis Tzitzikas

To support human users in obtaining correct information from the huge and increasing amounts available, in the appropriate amount/form, relevant to the task at hand and presented in the appropriate way, is a complex and challenging goal. The Semantic Access and Retrieval (SAR) group of ISL contacts basic and applied research on semantic-based information access and retrieval. It combines expertise from information retrieval and semantic data management. It focuses on methodologies, methods and techniques for (a) indexing and analyzing structured and unstructured sources, (b) integrating large in number sources and datasets, and (c) enabling flexible interactive methods for exploratory search. The following list details the group's current research interests:

  • Exploratory Search 
    Faceted search, preference-enriched faceted search, decision making, interaction and visualization for information access, scalable and error-tolerant query autocompletion techniques, caching.
  • Semantic Data Management 
    Large scale semantic integration, knowledge extraction, transformation, linkage, matching, mapping, integration.
  • Digital Preservation 
    Metadata management, reasoning services for digital preservation.

We apply our prototypes and solutions in several areas including Research Infrastructures, Digital Libraries, E-commerce and E-government.

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