Έργα σε ισχύ

Έργα σε ισχύ του ISL

  • PortADa
    01/11/2023 - 31/10/2027
    Port Arrivals Data. Automatic data collection for a large-scale comparative history of 19th century shipping: a Digital Humanities approach to maritime heritage
  • Blue-Cloud 2026
    01/01/2023 - 30/06/2026
    A federated European FAIR and Open Research Ecosystem for oceans, seas, coastal and inland waters
    01/05/2019 - 31/10/2025
    Russian Icons Transfer. Visual Culture, Piety and Propaganda: Transfer and Reception of Russian Religious Art in the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean (16th – early 20th c.)
  • FE.P.I.B.
    22/03/2022 - 30/11/2024
    Feminisms and Politics in the Interwar Balkans (1923-1939)
    01/10/2022 - 30/09/2024
    European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science Implementation Phase