R & D Activities

  • Personal Health Systems and Pervasive Mobile Monitoring: Our group is strongly involved in the development of technologies for personal health systems focusing on the development of innovative personalized health services to empower individuals in well-being and disease prevention, and chronic disease management. Personal Health Systems covers well-being, prevention of specific diseases or follow-up and management of existing chronic diseases enhance patient empowerment and self-care management. These technologies have the personal health record as the underlying architecture embracing remote monitoring for sensor data collection, functional and semantic interoperability, extraction of relevant features for detection of alarming and/ or alerting subsystems, personalized feedback and recommendation services for the patient or informal caregiver. Our activities include smart ubiquitous intelligent health systems and un-obstructive ubiquitous acquisition, transmission and interpretation of different bio-signals from fixed or mobile locations. We focus on the creation of innovative multi-purpose heterogeneous networking infrastructures providing in-transit persistent information storage for personal health systems’ and monitoring environment services able to overcome current network instabilities and incompatibilities.
  • Citizen-centred eHealth: Our R&D activities focus on the development of digital tools for wellbeing, citizen empowerment and a healthier society. Tools that facilitate user feedback and person-centred care help people look after their own health, stimulate prevention, and enable feedback and interaction between users and healthcare providers. CBML Research outcomes and products ensure the confidentiality of personal health data, and protect the integrity of a citizen’s personal device upon which they are stored in conformity with data protection regulations. The objective is to facilitate the creation of innovative services, on top of provider-centric solutions, to empower people to resolve health issues and improve health outcomes.
  • Personalized Care Delivery – Coordinated Care: Chronic conditions require coordinated care management to address escalating health care costs. Our R&D activities focus on improving the information available to healthcare professionals and carers, in order to be able to manage optimally the available resources (time, facilities and equipment) for quality health care and the realization of the vision of eHealth for citizen secure access to health data for life. The objective is to design, develop, validate, and deploy tools, services and products towards supporting continuity of care to advance independent living and participatory care.
  • eHealth Interoperability: Interoperability in the healthcare domain has tangible benefits, such as saving time, reducing costs, increasing transparency and improving the quality of services offered to citizens, administration and businesses. Our activities focus on the creation and implementation of policies and strategies for interoperability in the healthcare domain towards overcoming regulatory boundaries. Interoperability implementation and governance at all levels (legal, organizational, technical and semantic) are essential to support new processes and forms of health services for effective and efficient decision making, continuity of care, and sustainable societal changes.