Who we are

The "Center for eHealth Applications and Services", as an autonomous organizational activity, was established in 2010 as the evolution of the eHealth research activity, founded in 1985 by Professor Stelios Orphanoudakis (1948-2005). The initial name of the Laboratory was “Center of Medical Informatics & Health Telematics Applications”.  Subsequent changes followed, leading to the former "Biomedical Informatics Laboratory". Since the beginning research and development (R&D) activities were focusing -among others- on Health Information Networks and advanced eHealth services.

Through its long research activities and participation in a large number of European research projects and international co-operations, the Center has developed a series of eHealth applications, which now are operating in a big number of healthcare organizations.

A major milestone was the implementation of HYGEIAnet which was the first Regional Health Telematics Network in Greece that involved all healthcare organizations of Crete as well as the local EKAB (National Health Emergency Coordination Center). Applications developed during that period are the predecessors of today’s eHealth services.

Another major milestone was the successful implementation of the Regional Health Information Networks for the 1st, 2nd, and 6th Regional Health System of Greece

Important milestones are the following: