Social and Cognitive Intelligent Systems

Coordinator: Theodore Patkos

As Artificial Intelligence is growing much bigger every day to be limited to lab or industrial environments and affects aspects of everyday life, research with an applied orientation is needed towards autonomous systems endowed with cognitive and social skills. The symbiosis of humans with intelligent agents foregrounds a variety of research challenges, including understanding how to operate in unknown situations, communicating with humans with socially acceptable means of interaction, exhibiting predictable and commonsense behavior, as well as learning causal relations in open, less controlled domains.

Building on the progress achieved in Symbolic AI and in other relevant research activities of the lab, ISL is applying mature theoretical work and methodologies to domains, such as

Products and Services

Dialectical and Argumentative Systems

  • Apopsis - A Web-based system for analyzing dialogues on the Social Web (demo).
  • MeThinks - Management and analysis of user-generated comments on the Web with emphasis in comments that relate to products and services (e.g., hotels) (website, demo-consumer, demo-analyst)

Intelligent and Explainable Systems

  • Le Sommelier  - A recommendation system aiming to help users choose one or more different bottles of wine that pair nicely with their orders. (website, demo, video)

Crowd-based Methods for Harnessing Collective Intelligence

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