About HCI Lab

The Human Computer Interaction laboratory (HCI Lab), established in 1989, is an internationally recognised centre of excellence in user-centered design methodologies, user interface software technologies and tools, with applications across the spectrum of societal domains and intelligent technological environments.

The mission of the laboratory is to actively contribute to an inclusive society, by carrying out pioneering research activities focused on creating innovative frameworks, methods, tools and techniques that support the design, development, evaluation and deployment of (user interfaces for) interactive applications and services that are accessible, natural, intuitive and friendly to all users in the Information Society, including elderly people and people with disabilities.

Professor Constantine Stephanidis
Phone: +30 2810 391741
FAX: +30 2810 391799
E-mail: cs@ics.forth.gr

Research & Development

The R&D activities of the HCI Laboratory are Human Centered and are rooted in the principles of Universal Access and Design for All, encompassing a wide variety of application domains. Over the past two decades, research activities of the HCI Laboratory have also addressed interaction issues and technologies in intelligent environments under a User-Centred Design perspective, while more recently the HCI Laboratory has been engaged in research and development activities in Computer Graphics interactive technologies and applications, as well as on HCI approaches in Artificial Intelligence, and in particular Human Centered Artificial Intelligence (HCAI).