Resource Control for Wireless Networks

A joint Research Project between ICS-FORTH and BT Research (currently BTexact Technologies) running from January 2002 until December 2002.


Future wireless access systems, in contrast to current generation systems, will be packet-based (IP) and will support high and variable bandwidth multimedia applications, as well as peer-to-peer communications. Unlike fixed networks, in wireless networks there is a limited capability to increase the capacity, hence robust and efficient procedures and mechanisms for resource control will become increasingly important.

The objective of this work is to investigate procedures for resource control in wireless networks, both 3G (Wideband CDMA) and WLANs (esp. 802.11), focusing on procedures that enable and support seamless interoperation with existing procedures for power and battery management in wireless networks, as well as corresponding mechanisms in fixed networks.


  • Vasilios Siris, ICS-FORTH
  • Costas Courcoubetis, Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB), and ICS-FORTH
  • Bob Briscoe, BT Research, Ipswich, UK
  • Dave Songhurst, BT Research, Ipswich, UK
  • Arnaud Jacquet, BT Research, Ipswich, UK
  • Etienne Soumoy, BT Research, Ipswich, UK



For more info: Vasilios Siris Tel: +30 2810 391726 Email: vsiris "at" ics "dot" forth "dot" gr