Network Management (SNMP & CMIP)

  • CMU SNMP Library
    "The CMU SNMP Library provides developers with a set of core functions allowing them to write SNMP agents and managers. The library will encode and decode all SNMP PDUs and variables; handle network connections; and return data in an easily parsable format."
  • The SimpleWeb
    "This server, called the "SimpleWeb", provides links and information on network management. Although the SimpleWeb focusses on Internet management, it will also be useful for people interested in other management technologies."
  • The Simple Times Index
    "The Simple TimesTM is an openly-available publication devoted to the promotion of the Simple Network Management Protocol. In each issue, The Simple Times presents technical articles and featured columns, along with a standards summary and a list of Internet resources. In addition, some issues contain summaries of recent publications and upcoming events."
  • SNMP & CMIP, An Introduction to Network Management
    Even though this page claims to "provide the casual user with an introduction to SNMP, and the more experienced user a good description of other management protocols and how SNMP can be easily explained to newbies to the field" it also provides introductory information on CMIP. This page is a good starting point for the newcomer to SNMP/CMIP.
  • WWW SNMP MIB Browser
    Using this simple CGI script written using the scotty tcl interpreter you can browse the contents of MIBs for hosts that you specify.
  • IBM's Webbin' CMIP
    This the WWW page for IBM's "research project aimed to simplify the access to network managment information and resources". This page demonstrates work for which responsible is Luca Deri. This project demonstrates the use of standard WWW browsers as access tools for SNMP, CMIP and GDMO/ASN.1 agents. There are on-line examples that you can try out as well as plenty of documentation. This site is a good visiting site for newcomers that want to try out the examples and look up introductory documentation as well as for those accustomed to the area. Here you will see how Java can be employeed in managing CMIP and SNMP resources. Technology from Webbin' CMIP can be downloaded for on-site experimentation.
  • University of Lisbon, Faculty of Sciences, snmpman for Microsoft Windows 3.1
    "SnmpMan is a Microsoft Windows application that allows you to manage multiple machines on the same network." This application can be downloaded for on-site experimentation.
  • Asantè's IntraSpectionTM - Network Management Software for Intranets and the Internet
    IntraSpectionTM allows Network Management through the Web Browser and SNMP. The basic software can be downloaded at no cost. This product was featured in Data Communications, Decempver 1996 issue: Making the Web Work for Management.

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