Efficient Design of IEEE 802.11e Wireless Access Networks

A Research and Development project funded by the General Secreteriat for Research and Technology (GSRT), Greek-USA Cooperation 2005-2007 from 1 January 2007 until 31 March 2008.
Organisations: FORTH, AUEB, Univ. of California – Berkeley


Wireless multi-hop mesh networks have huge potential for offering generalized and affordable broadband access in rural areas and densely populated urban areas, without requiring any prior infrastructure. In the recent years cross-layering has emerged as a key design approach to overcome performance problems that might arise with the strict layered design, due to specific characteristics of wireless networks such as time- and location-dependent bursty errors and contention. The objective of this project is to investigate, implement, and evaluate routing protocols for wireless mesh networks based on cross-layer design. To overcome the potential complexity of cross-layer design, we will maintain the layer separation principle, but introduce standardised and general mechanisms to enable information sharing between the routing layer, and the higher and lower layers. Finally, the routing protocols will be implemented and evaluated in both a local and a metropolitan area test-bed environment, under realistic traffic that includes both Internet access and realtime applications (streaming video and voice-over-IP).


  • Vasilios Siris, ICS-FORTH
  • Ioannis Koukoutsidis (until 3/2007)
  • Kostas Mathioudakis
  • Manolis Ntelakis
  • Nikolaos Petroulakis

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For more info: Vasilios Siris Tel: +30 2810 391726 Email: vsiris "at" ics "dot" forth "dot" gr