About TNL part 1


The Telecommunications and Networks Lab of ICS-FORTH is actively involved and has interests in the areas of high performance and wireless networking and mobile communications. In particular, our research and development activities involve resource control and traffic engineering in wired and wireless networks, performance evaluation of networks with guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS), traffic measurement and analysis, voice processing, synthesis and compression, mobile positioning, and contact-less smartcards. The Lab also maintains a number of testbeds involving fixed and wireless (based on IEEE 802.11) technologies for experimenting with new network technologies and protocols, and for performing measurement and analysis experiments of real network traffic.

The Lab has ongoing and close collaborations with both national and international industries, including network manufacturers and telecommunication service providers, as well as with other research groups having interests in the above areas. Funding of our research has and is provided by the European Commission, through ACTS (CASHMAN, MISA, REFORM, MONTAGE, ITHACI) and IST (M3I, SCAMPI) projects, by national program funds (General Secretariat for Research and Technology - GSRT), and by industrial funded projects.


The work outlined above can be broken into the following activities: