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[ICS-1096] WiVi-2020 opens 6 PhD positions!

WiVi-2020 opens 6 PhD positions

The WiVi-2020 Consortium is recruiting six (6) PhD students as “Early-Stage Researchers” (ESRs) at (i) The Foundation for Research and Technology –Hellas (FORTH, Greece) (ii) Linköping University (LiU, Sweden), and (iii) CYTA Hellas (CYTA, Greece), on the research areas of flexible spectrum, heterogeneous access, and network virtualization.

In particular the following six topics are to be assigned to the recruited researchers:

  • ESR1: Mobile Access and M2M‐facilitating performance‐oriented indoor network planning (LiU)
  • ESR2: Fair Resource utilization under age and value of information constraints in Application-Defined Networking (LiU)
  • ESR3: Efficient use of spectrum for multi‐RAT 5G communications (FORTH)
  • ESR4: SDN‐based wireless architecture for seamless integration of heterogeneous RATs (FORTH)
  • ESR5: Multi‐RAT traffic offloading under QoS constraints with optimal resource coordination (CYTA)
  • ESR6: Virtualization–based optimization of network core‐access for heterogeneous services (CYTA)

Each post has secured funding for 36 Months by the EU under the rules of the MSCA ITN EID Scheme and provides a very competitive salary (with fully covered social security fees and additional allowance for family obligations). The recruited researchers are required to:

  • follow a PhD program at either LiU or the University of Crete (UoC - Greece)
  • spend 50% of their project involvement at CYTA (Greece) or Ericsson (Sweden).
The recruitment must start at the latest by January 2016
by that time students should no longer have any other obligations (e.g. MSc theses, military, etc.)

Eligibility rules:

  1. Career Stage:
    The Applicants, at the time of recruitment by LiU, must be in the first four years (full-time equivalent research experience) of their research careers and not yet have been awarded a doctoral degree
  2. Mobility Requirement:
    At the time of recruitment, researchers must not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc.) in Sweden (for applicants to LiU), or Greece (for applicants to FORTH or CYTA), for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to the reference date. Compulsory national service and/or short stays such as holidays are not taken into account.
  3. PhD Application and Enrolment:
    Once selected by the WiVi-2020 consortium for the ESR positions the applicants must apply for PhD studentship at LiU, or UoC; failure to comply with the admittance procedure and requirements in a PhD program of Linköping University or the University of Crete will render the candidate ineligible to be offered a contract within WiVi-2020.
  4. Required skills
    Applicants should be fluent in communicating in English both in speaking and writing. A strong mathematical background in communications and networking technologies as well as on optimization and software development are required. Competences in game theory are preferable skills.

Application Procedure:

The recruitment will follow a three-step procedure, with a first-come-first served policy. i.e. we will evaluate applications upon reception and proceed to evaluate applicants individually and progress them individually along the steps below. The final ranking however will be time-independent.

Step 1. Researcher application

Applicants should send an e-mail to with subject “WiVi-2020 application” containing only one single .pdf file with the following, in English:

  1. CV*
  2. Transcript of MSc/BSc studies in English, Swedish, or Greek.
  3. Motivation Letter
  4. Up to 3 references with full contact details.

* CV must (a) be in the Europass format and (b) contain:

  • Bachelor degree, date, topic, university
  • Master degree, date, topic, thesis, university – do not include the thesis, only the abstract.
  • Publications (if any) – do not include the publication, only the abstract and a link to a freely downloadable pdf version of your article.
  • Projects (2-line description, role, acquired skills)
  • Experience of the following skills and tools (with evaluation of familiarity level), where applicable:
    • Mathematical Optimization
    • Information theory
    • Signal processing
    • Game theory
    • Networking
    • Communications
    • Other

Application cutoff date for submission of Step 1: July 19, 2015

Step 2. Research proposal

After the first phase a notification letter will be sent to a short list of candidates and they will be invited to provide a short research proposal on topics of the project to identify specific skills. Specific instructions and evaluation criteria will be provided to the selected candidates. The recruitment committee will then arrange an online interview with finally shortlisted candidates. After this phase, the recruitment committee will rank and admit 6 candidates to the final step with 6 more candidates being on the reserve list.

Step 3. PhD studentship application

Once selected by the WiVi-2020 consortium for the ESR positions the six applicants will be encouraged to apply for PhD studentship at the appropriate university. By the EU-H2020 MSCA funding scheme rules, failure to comply with the admittance procedure and requirements in a PhD program of LiU or UoC will render the candidate ineligible to be offered the position. Detailed instructions will be provided to the selected candidates.

For more information of WiVi-2020, the ESR projects, the recruiting sites, and the consortium partners, and also the application process visit our project website or email us at

The WiVi-2020 partners are equal opportunity employers; recognizing the current gender imbalance in the engineering domain, WiVi-2020 is committed to strive for gender balance in the recruited applicants.

WiVi-2020 Contact Persons

Dr. Elias Tragos: etragos “at”

Linköping University
Prof. Vangelis Angelakis: vangelis.angelakis ”at”

CYTA Hellas
Dr. Theodoros Mouroutis: theodoros.mouroutis “at”

1 Details can be found in: Each recruiting site will provide the funds for the non-EU funded part of the project.

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