Hybrid Molecular Imaging Unit (HMIU)

Hybrid Molecular Imaging Unit (HMIU) is a core research facility of the Institute of Computer Science (FORTH-ICS), which operates as part of the Computational Biomedicine Laboratory (CBML) at FORTH-ICS. The mission of HMIU is to perform translational research activities in all fields of biomedical sciences, by employing cutting-edge in vivo pre-clinical molecular imaging techniques. Our research efforts are focused on the development and translation of novel in-vivo molecular imaging agents, which enable early detection, accurate assessment of disease status and efficient monitoring of treatment response for a wide spectrum of disease entities, such as malignancies, cardiovascular diseases, neurological, dermatological, musculoskeletal, and rheumatological disorders, as well as multisystem endocrinopathies. Currently, HMIU hosts the following infrastructure:

  • Preclinical PET-MRI scanner (Bruker; USA), that enables simultaneous PET and MRI acquisition.
  • Radiochemistry Lab, enabling the employment of all PET-isotopes for radiolabeling purposes.
  • Animal facility, enabling hosting of animal models (rodents) in individually ventilated cage (IVC) systems.