About HCCV

The main goal of the HCCV group is to make computers observe and understand humans using commodity cameras. The main research question that drives our work is the following: How can we build systems that can observe humans through conventional cameras, build detailed 3D models of their body, hands and face, as well as recognize them, their actions, their emotions and even their intentions? While our main research direction focuses on computer vision for observing humans, we also expand it to other challenging vision problems, in which we can adopt similar methodologies. 

Our research is beneficial to a plethora of applications, such as human-computer interaction, robotics, augmented/virtual reality, video games, visual effects, cultural heritage, digital learning, digital art, computer-aided surgery, prosthetics, rehabilitation, healthcare, gesture recognition, sign language translation and reenactment, behavioural analysis/understanding, face recognition, safety, 3D printing and remote sensing.