About CVRL


The Computational Vision and Robotics Laboratory was established in 1985. The groups' activities emphasize research and development in the areas of computer vision, computer graphics and autonomous mobile robots with "intelligent" behaviour. More specifically, the research efforts are directed towards visual perception of static and dynamic characteristics of the 3-D world (depth, shape, color, motion), object tracking, robot navigation, behaviour modelling and real-time graphics. Additionally, the group is interested in the exploitation of machine learning techniques in robotic applications. In this context, reinforcement learning and genetic algorithms are used to enable a robot to improve its skills and acquire new ones. Another research topic is related to the study of parallel implementations of the developed algorithms. Such issues are critical towards developing autonomous robots that are able to exhibit specific behaviours in real time. Finally, issues related with image and video communication are also investigated. In addition to the research work outlined above, CVRL also aims at applying the methods, technologies, and tools it develops in domains such as industrial automation, the support of people with special needs, space monitoring and security, home automation, virtual heritage, augmented reality etc..