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Ercim News, January 2015 The Biomedical Computation Review article about cancer’s heterogeneity (online article)

E&T, December 2011 Innovation for Civil Protection (in greek)
ERCIM News, December 2011 Innovation in Disaster Management: Report from Exercise EU POSEIDON 2011 (online article)
ECONOMIST, December 2011 Personal technology and disaster management(in greek)
National Documentation Centre, Research and Innovation Monday December 5 2011 ICT research: EU-funded technology helps disaster workers save lives (online article)

Patris, Wednesday December 12 2008 What european study, with participation from FORTH, has shown: "Also from Internet as well the informing on health issues" (online article - in greek)
ERCIM News, October 2008 Epidemic Intelligence: Satellite-Enabled Applications for Health Early Warning Systems (online article)
KATHIMERINI, Sunday May 18 2008 Great internet usage for health issues by youths (online article - in greek)

ESA News (European Space Agency), Friday November 30 2007 Telemedicine: Health alert via satellite (online article)
TOLMI, Friday November 2 2007 Heraklion "wakes up" from a big earthquake 6.8 R (online article - in greek)
PATRIS, Friday November 2 2007 Readiness exercise in case of an earthquake (online article - in greek)
PATRIS, Thursday October 18 2007 Multi-branch exercise on a disaster scenario (online article - in greek)
Nea Kriti News, Monday May 28 2007 FORTH saves lives (online article - in greek)
ERCIM News, April 2007 The Impact of Systems Biology on the Digital Patient (online article)
ERCIM News, April 2007 Causal Data Mining in Bioinformatics (online article)
ERCIM News, April 2007 Information Extraction Considerations for Validating 4D Models of Human Pathophysiology (online article)
ERCIM News, April 2007 Modelling the Pathophysiological Human Brain Function (online article)
ERCIM News, April 2007 Introduction to the Special Theme "The Digital Patient" (online article)
NAFTEMPORIKI, Monday February 26 2007 "Healing" Internet (in greek)

ETHNOS, Sunday November 19 2006 Telemedical network in Crete - Cyclades (in greek) (printed version)
PATRIS, Saturday November 8 2006 Information day on new technologies in health care (in greek)
PATRIS, Friday September 29 2006 Completion of the In-Silico Oncology Workshop (in greek)
KATHIMERINI, Sunday April 2 2006 With delay the first electronic steps of Greece (in greek)
PATRIS, Thursday March 9 2006 Telemedicine services (in greek)
E&T, Jan-Mar 2006 TWISTER network: Innovative services in the primary health care of Crete (in greek)
PATRIS, Saturday February 25 2006 Inauguration ceremony of the TWISTER network in Charakas Primary Care Center and Information Day "IT and Primary Health Care Center - Applications in Primary Care" at Cultural Association Room, Charakas Asterousion. (in greek)

PATRIS, Tuesday October 11 2005 International excellence at FORTH in Medical Informatics area (in greek)
NAFTEMPORIKI, Tuesday October 10 2005 Important excellence at FORTH in Medical Informatics area (in greek)
NEA KRITI, Tuesday October 11 2005 Important excellence at FORTH in Medical Informatics area (in greek)

PATRIS, Wednesday October 17 2004 International excellences at FORTH in Medical Informatics area (in greek)
E&T, December 2004 International excellences at FORTH in Medical Informatics area (in greek)

ELEYTHEROTYPIA, Wednesday February 12 2003 Might it be the solution? (in greek)
ETHNOS TIS KIRIAKIS, Saturday February 16 2003 Online Diagnosis and Therapy (in greek)
NEA KRITI, Tuesday April 15 2003 What was said... (in greek)"
NEA KRITI, Tuesday April 15 2003 Health on web (in greek)
ELEYTHEROTYPIA, Thursday March 29 2003 Telemedicine System HygeiaNet got first (in greek)
NEA KRITI, Saturday June 21 2003 FORTH brings into effect TWISTER. A program that will piece together the Medical Centers of five Aegean islands (in greek)
ELEYTHEROS TYPOS, Saturday June 1 2003 How the Patient Medical File works (in greek)
EREYNWNTAS, August-September 2003 Mr. Stelios Orphanoudakis interview on the occasion of HygeiaNET's presentation in the 68th International Thessaloniki Exposition in GGET's kiosk (in greek)
TA NEA, Friday October 31 2003 It links the residents of small islands with the Venizeleio Hospital (in greek)
PATRIS, December 2003 First regional conference in Crete with title: Health and Innovation in 21st century (in greek)

NEA KRITI, Saturday January 19 2002 EKAB ready for the 2004 Olympic Games. Success... (in greek)
ELEYTHEROTYPIA, Wednesday June 19 2002 Telemedicine is the solution...(in greek)
ELEYTHEROTYPIA, Friday June 21 2002 Vanguard(in greek)
KRHTIKH EPITHEORHSH, Wednesday July 24 2002 HygeiaNET - The program is in danger(in greek)
IATRIKA HRONIKA TIS KRITIS, June-July-August 2002 (in greek)
TA NEA, Monday December 12 2002 Health on line all over Crete(in greek)more

TOLMI, Sunday April 22 2001 Medical care through Internet (in greek)
PATRIS, Tuesday October 30 2001 "HygeiaNet" on air(in greek)
moreEDW KRHTH, Wednesday November 21 2001 Telematics Center that is a model for Europe (in greek)
IATRIKA HRONIKA TIS KRITIS (page 1), paper 6, June-July-August 2001 HygeiaNET: Crete as a Healthcare Telematics Application Center (in greek)
IATRIKA HRONIKA TIS KRITIS (page 2), IATRIKA HRONIKA TIS KRITIS (page 3)PC MAGAZINE (page 1), paper 8, October 2001 Telemedicine Systems in Greece (in greek)
PC MAGAZINE (page 2), PC MAGAZINE (page 3)

KRHTIKH EPITHEORHSH, January 29 1998 Healthcare Centers in Telematic Network (in greek)

MESOGEIOS, November 29 1997 Crete a Standard Healthcare Telematics Application Region (in greek)PATRIS, December 19 1997 Scientific Meeting in FORTH (in greek)

German Press, Friday February 24 1995 (in german)

TOLMI, September 25 1994 How medical information can be managed (in greek)
TO BHMA, November 27 1994 New <<Academy>> in Medicine (in greek)continued...

Past yearsEuropean Meeting at FORTH (in greek)"Electronic" Healthcare Centers in Crete (in greek)