Kreon: Kreon is a key-value store library optimized for flash-based storage, where CPU overhead and I/O amplification are more significant bottlenecks compared to I/O randomness. Available at GitHub.


FastMap provides an optimized memory-mapped I/O path inside the Linux kernel. It is implemented as a kernel module and supported by user-space libraries for management purposes. Available at GitHub.


H3: Η3 is an embedded High speed, High volume, and High availability object store, backed by a high-performance key-value store. H3 is implemented in the h3lib library, which provides a C-based cloud-friendly API, similar to Amazon's S3, while Python and Java wrappers are also available. The H3 FUSE filesystem allows object access using file semantics, while the CSI H3 mount plugin (csi-h3 for short), allows you to use H3 FUSE for implementing persistent volumes in Kubernetes. Available at GitHub.


Knot: Knot is a complete environment for doing actual work on Kubernetes. It includes a complete set of web-based tools to help you unleash your productivity, without ever needing to use the command line. At its core, the Knot dashboard (previously known as Karvdash) supplies the landing page for users, allowing them to launch notebooks and other services, design workflows, and specify parameters related to execution through a user-friendly interface. Available at GitHub.


Frisbee: Frisbee is a cloud-native testbed for exploring, testing, and benchmarking distributed applications. Available at GitHub.


Vinetalk is a unifying accelerator API. It enables develpoment of accelerated applications in a hardware agnostic way. Due to its open-source nature it also allows experimentation with custom scheduling policies and heterogenous setups. Available at GitHub.


ExaNeSt: European Exascale System Interconnect and Storage.


EuroServer: Scale-out architecture for energy efficient servers & microservers.


Myrmics: Myrmics is a parallel, task-based runtime system designed to scale on future, heterogeneous, manycore processors. The full source code and benchmarks are available for download. (28 August 2013)


sswat: SSWAT is a performance analysis framework, suitable for profiling both at the user and kernel level. (05 June 2013)
Available at GitHub.


Formic: The Formic Board is an FPGA board, suitable for prototyping large multi-core processor designs. The board schematics, as well as a reference 512-core prototype design are available. (July 2012)


zmIO: zmIO is mainly a block device benchmark with emphasis on asynchronous I/O in the linux kernel. The benchmark also works on regular files. (06 Apr 2012)
Available at GitHub.