About CARV


The Computer Architecture and VLSI Systems (CARV) Laboratory of the Institute of Computer Science (ICS), FORTH, was established in 1988. CARV promotes research, development, and education in the design and implementation of Computing Systems. We develop state-of-the-art prototypes, infrastructures, and innovative technologies that aim to stimulate enterpreneurship and impact the industry.

Press release: FORTH among the leaders in Europe in the field of Supercomputing technologies (in Greek)

CARV brings together multi-disciplinary expertise in the mutually interacting areas of nanoelectronic circuits and systems, architecture, systems software, compilers, parallel programming, and concurrency theory. Our current and past activities are:


Scalable Architectures


Systems Software

  • • Storage systems and I/O
  • • Datacenter Resource Management and Scheduling
  • • Datacenter Accelerators
  • • Low-overhead, RDMA-based Communication Protocols
  • • Frameworks and Platforms for High-Performance Data Processing
  • • Cloud-native computing
  • Related projects: EVOLVE, Sentitour, LeanBigData, CoherentPaaS, Vineyard, NanoStreams, BigStorage, CUMULONIMBO, SCALUS, IOLANES, STREAM, SCC-MR, CoreGRID, SIVSS, HellasGrid, ATHLOS, UNISIX, Telegraphos


Parallel Programming and Runtime Systems







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