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 Information Systems Laboratory

The SIS Thesaurus Management System

Contact person: Martin Doerr 
Complete Documentation (including users' manuals & programmers' manuals)

TMS is a system to create and maintain multilingual thesauri. Its distinct features are the possibility to modify or create dynamically semantic relation types within and between thesauri., and the presentation of arbitrary views of the network with coloured graphs. It thereby is a unique tool to analyse the logical structure and consistency of thesauri and one of the best solutions to manage consistently in a distributed environment a set of correlated terminology resources for classification and data access.
 SIS-TMS consists of a terminology server for integration with heterogeneous elec-tronic collections, a graphical browser for cataloguers and end-users, and a tool to cooperatively develop multilingual thesauri. The distinct features of the TMS are its capability: to develop and access multiple thesauri and their interrelations; to create any relevant view thereon; to specialize dynamically any kind of relation into new ones; to manage partial releases; and to create consistent update increments for federated collection databases.
 The SIS-TMS graphical user interface allows the unconstraint navigation within and between different thesauri and the execution of predefined queries and graphical views to identify concepts for cataloguing or database queries, to identify translations or equivalent expressions for information access in heterogeneous environments, and to control the quality and logical consistency of a system of interlinked thesauri during the development. Configuration tables allow for localization.
 The SIS-TMS server can be integrated in a distributed, heterogeneous environment. As a central, eventually repeated component, it can replace the cumbersome local implementation and population of thesaurus management features in collection databases and library systems, by access through its programmatic interface. It further allows automatic term expansion and translation in queries to distributed data sources.
 The means provided by SIS-TMS to maintain consistency of equivalence relations between cooperatively developed thesauri is a unique feature. The SIS-TMS system is an application of the Semantic Index System, a general purpose object-oriented semantic network database, product of ICS-FORTH. Its schema includes the principles of the ISO 2788 and 5964 standards for monolingual and multi-lingual thesauri.

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