Crowd-based methods for privacy

Coordinator: Dr. Theodore Patkos

In an increasingly instrumented and inter-connected digital world, citizens generate vast amounts of data, much of it being valuable and a significant part of it being personal. However, controlling who can collect it, limiting what they can do with it, and determining how best to protect it, remain deeply undecided issues. 
In this context, ISL maintains and actively supports the CAPrice initiative which aims to provide a series of crowdsourcing tools that will allow the collection and analysis of data associated with privacy, including people’s understanding and expectations regarding privacy. The ultimate objective is to foster collective intelligence and co-creation of solutions, and to facilitate the participation of all involved stakeholders through an open architecture, thereby allowing novel uses of the privacy-related content. Ultimately, we aim to strengthen the trust bond between service developers and users, encouraging innovation and empowering the individuals to promote their privacy expectations as a quantifiable, community-generated request.  You can see the short video that summarizes the idea of CAPrice in this link.

More specifically ISL works on the following aspects:

  • Engaging, growing and energising the CAPrice Community
  • Developing a series of tools that will allow the annotation of Terms of Service documents, thereby allowing the quick discovery of important information by humans and machines alike
  • Developing tools for facilitating input by crowdworkers with regards to their privacy expectations for specific services or applications
  • Developing tools for allowing the analysis of the crowd-provided data, to identify norms, patterns, both within applications/services and within users
  • Engaging relevant stakeholders to support the trust bond among developers and users, to promote privacy-friendly innovation


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