The following are part of the final results of the hifi-PRINTER Marie-Curie IEF:

  1. Forthcoming Book publication (2015, under preparation)
  2. Greassidou, E., Papagiannakis, G., “Mobile Mixed Reality character rendering and animation in heritage sites”, accepted, under review, in “Digital Cultural Heritage: New challenges on 3D research methodologies”, Springer-Verlag, 2015
  3. Kateros, S., Georgiou, S., Papagiannakis, G.“A comparison of gamified, immersive VR curation methods for enhanced presence”, The 1st International Workshop on ICT for the Preservation and Transmission of Intangible Cultural Heritage, Euromed2014, Limassol, November 2014
  4. Greassidou, E., Papagiannakis, G., Trahanias, P., Tsioumas, M., “A geometric algebra framework for mobile Augmented Reality simulations in digital heritage sites”, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer-Verlag, 2014, in-print, also presented in 2014 International Conference in Cultural Heritage, Euromed2014, Limassol, 2014
  5. Papagiannakis, G., Papanikolaou, P., Greassidou, E., Trahanias, P., “glGA: an OpenGL Geometric Application framework for a modern, shader-based computer graphics curriculum”, Education Papers, Eurographics 2014, Strasbourg, April 2014
  6. Papagiannakis, G., “Geometric algebra rotors for skinned character animation blending”, Technical Brief, ACM SIGGRAPH ASIA 2013, Hong Kong, November 2013
  7. Papanikolaou, P., Papagiannakis, G., “Real-time Separable Subsurface Scattering for animated virtual characters”, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer-Verlag, 2013, in-print, also presented in 2013 Symposium on GPU Computing and Applications by NTU and NVIDIA, Singapore, 2013
  8. Tato, M., Papanikolaou, P., and Papagiannakis, G. “From Real to Virtual Rapid Architectural Prototyping”, Euromed2012, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 7616, 505–512, October 2012
  9. Schellenberg, R., Tato, M., Papagiannakis, G., “From Real to Virtual Rapid Architectural Prototyping”, Technical Report, FORTH-ICS/TR-425, October 2011
  10. HDRi COST Action
  11. Marie Curie ITN-DCH
  12. Academic Teaching at the University of Crete
  13. The Visual Computer (SCI) Editorial Board Associate Editor 2014
  14. Frontiers in Virtual Environments, Review Editor, EPFL
  15. Project report deliverables:
    1. D1.3 Web portal and web collaboration platform [Prototype, M2]
    2. D1.4 Career Development Plan [report, M3]
    3. D5.1 Feasibility and Credibility Study [report, M3]
    4. D5.2 System Specification [M9]
    5. D5.3 Case studies evaluation [M17] (Prototype)
    6. D2.1 Dual quaternions for skinning and spherical harmonics [M12]
    7. D2.2 Rotors in GA for virtual human transformations [M18]

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