White Papers and Documents

  • Cisco Systems, "Essential IOS Features Every ISP Should Consider, Ver. 2.6.9, May 99" [.pdf.zip]
  • Cisco Systems, "IP to ATM Class of Service Phase 1 Design Guide" [.pdf.zip]
  • Keith Travis - Cisco Systems, "IP-ATM CoS: Providing Differential Class-Based IP Services on ATM Fabrics" [.pdf.gz]
  • Sam Halabi - Cisco Systems, "OSPF Design Guide, Rev 1.1", Apr 96 [.ps.gz]
  • John David Cavanaugh, Minnesota Supercomputer Center, Inc., "Protocol Overhead in IP/ATM Networks" [.ps.gz]
  • Peter Newman, Greg Minshall, and Tom Lyon, Ipsilon Networks Inc., "IP Switching: ATM Under IP" [.pdf.gz]
  • Peter Newman, Greg Minshall, Tom Lyon, and Larry Huston, Ipsilon Networks Inc., "IP Switching and Gigabit Routers" [.pdf.gz]
  • The ATM Forum, "ATM Name System Specification, Ver 1.0", Nov 96 [.pdf.gz]
  • CISCO, "Advanced QoS Services for the Intelligent Internet", White Paper, 1997 [.pdf.gz]
  • CISCO, "Video Over ATM and Existing Networks", White Paper, Nov 95 [.pdf.gz]
  • Geoff Haviland, CISCO, "Designing High-Performance Campus Intranets with Multilayer Switching", White paper, 98 [.pdf.gz]
  • CISCO, "ATM Internetworking", White Paper, May 95 [.pdf.gz]
  • FORE, "FORE ATM and IP Switching", White Paper [.html]
  • FORE, "FORE ATM and the Intranet", White Paper [.html]
  • FORE, "ForeThought Bandwidth Management", White Paper [.pdf.gz]
  • FORE, "ForeThought and the ATM Internetwork", White Paper [.pdf.gz]
  • FORE, "ForeView Network Management", White Paper [.pdf.gz]
  • FORE, "LAN Emulation, Virtual LANs, and the ATM Internetwork", White Paper [.pdf.gz]
  • FORE, "Quality of Service Support for IP-based Applications", White Paper [.html]
  • FORE, "Traffic Management Version and Congestion Control", White Paper [.pdf.gz]
  • GN Nettest, "Measuring LAN Emulation Performance over ATM", [.pdf.gz]

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