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Technical & Research Reports (8)

          M.S. Theses

        1. Pavlidi, D. (2012). Real-Time Multiple Sound Source Localization and Counting Using a Circular Microphone Array. 
        2. Tryfou, G. (2011). Transient Detection and Tempo Estimation in Polyphonic Music Signals
          Ph.D. Theses

        1. Pappas, N. (2012). Network-Level Cooperation: Throughput, Stability, and Energy Issues.  (pdf).
        2. Markaki, M. (2011). Modulation Spectra and their application on Speech Processing. 
        3. Pantazis, I. (2010). Decomposition of AM-FM Signals with Applications in Speech Processing. April 2010.
        4. Holzapfel, A. (2010). Similarity Methods for Computational Ethnomusicology. April 2010.
        5. Tzagkarakis, G. (2009). Bayesian Compressed Sensing using Alpha- Stable Distributions. November 2009.
        6. Agiomyrgiannakis, G. (2007). Sinusoidal Coding of Speech for Voice over IP. February 2007.
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