Traffic Engineering Software

If you choose to download and use this software, feel free to send me an email at, possibly with some of your results !

WWW Traffic Engineering Tool Interface

We have started developing a WEB-based interface for our traffic analysis tools (msa and lb). To access the interface you only need a java-capable WWW browser. The current version of the interface is available here.

The msa tool

The following executables are currently available: *Note* that the above files are compressed with gzip, so you will have to unzip them. The source code is not available yet.
There exists a man page, and a collection of frequently encountered problems.

A sample trace file (MPEG-1 compressed video of Star Wars) can be found here. The trace contains 40000 epochs, with each epoch having duration 40 msec. Note that the trace file MUST have the extension .tr

History of the msa tool releases

The lb tool

This is a program for estimating leaky or token bucket parameters for data from a trace file. It can estimate leaky bucket parameters when all traffic is to be conforming or when some percentage of the traffic can be non-conforming.

The following executables are currently available:

The manual page is here,

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