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Network Monitoring For Security:
Intrusion Detection Systems

Nowadays, computer systems have become more vulnerable to intrusions than ever. Intrusion Detection is a security technology that allows not only the detection of attacks, but also attempts to provide notification of new attacks unforeseen by other components. Intrusion detection is an important component of a security system, and it complements other security technologies. IDS requires full packet inspection in order to identify attack attempts.

Our research targets the performance analysis and design of improved intrusion detection components. Our recent focus has been on the design of efficient string matching algorithms and the development of a performance analysis methodology, using Snort IDS.





Intrusion Detection Systems

  • Snort, a lightweight intrusion detection system
  • Bro intrusion detection system



This work is funded in part by the IST project SCAMPI (IST-2001-32404) funded by the European Union.