Metadata Management in Grid and P2P Systems (MMGPS):
Models, Services and Architecture
16th December 2003
Senate House, University of London
(location 9 in this map)
Organized by the SeLeNe Project


The target audience of this IST Workshop are experts from the Grid, P2P and e-Learning communities, as well as other application areas requiring Grid or P2P support. The goal of the workshop is to identify recent achievements and open challenges regarding metadata management in novel applications requiring P2P information management in a distributed/Grid setting.

Each presentation in the workshop will be about 20 minutes, leaving plenty of time for discussion. All presentations will be made available on the workshop web site after the workshop, as will a summary of each workshop session.

There is no registration fee for this IST workshop, but the SeLeNe project is not able to fund travel or accommodation expenses.

The SeLeNe Project

The workshop is being organised as part of the SeLeNe project (IST-2001-39045). SeLeNe (Self e-Learning Networks) is a one-year Accompanying Measure funded by EU FP5, running from 1st November 2002 to 31st January 2004. The project falls into action line V.1.9 CPA9 of the IST 2002 Work Programme, and is contributing to the IST Action Line "Information and Knowledge Grids". The SeLeNe project is conducting a feasibility study into using semantic web technology for syndicating knowledge-intensive resources, such as learning objects. It is developing services for the discovery, sharing, and collaborative creation of learning resources, facilitating a syndicated and personalised access to such resources.