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Category: european

Project Title: CRISTAL - Conservation & Restoration Institutions for Scientific Terminology dedicated to Art Learning Network

Funding Organization: EU - RAPHAEL

Coordinator: Centre of Research and Restoration of the Museums of France, Paris (FRA), Christian Lahanier

Partners: " Royal Institute of the Art Heritage, Brussels (BEL), Direzione Generale Cultura, Regione Lombardia, Milan (ITA), Institute of Computer Science/Foundation for Research and Technology (GR)

Duration: 01/06/1999 - 31/12/2001

Expiration Date: 31/12/2001

Total Budget: 200000

FORTH ICS budget: 20000

Project Objective: 

In the sequence of the NARCISSE project, the main objective of the CRISTAL project is to co-operatively create a new thesaurus for the access to interactive electronic documents, which include information concerning interventions done on works of art, during studies undertaken in laboratories and restorations carried out by workshops.The multilingual dictionaries, which CRISTAL inherited from NARCISSE thesaurus, have been co-operatively elaborated through the web in order to be extended to the specialized vocabulary related to:

  • paintings (of rest and mural),
  • sculptures and polychromy,
  • graphic arts,
  • ceramics and metal works.

The vocabulary and the definitions of the terms are limited to techniques of manufacturing (elaboration of the works of art), to terms which describe the aging and the deterioration of constitutive materials, as well as to terms characterizing restoration.

Besides that,the CD Rom of the collection " Art and Science " from the NARCISSE project has been reedited. It is an electronic multilingual glossary about terms of conservation of paintings, illustrated with various spectroscopic images.

Contact Person: Martin Doerr,

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