Information Systems Laboratory

Advanced Decision Support Systems

Category: national

Project Title: Advanced Decision Support Systems

Funding Organization: GSRT

Coordinator: FORTH - ICS, Panos Constantopoulos

Partners: Region of Crete

Duration: 01/05/1999 - 31/10/2001

Expiration Date: 31/10/2001

Total Budget: 50009

FORTH ICS budget: 22226

Project Objective: The creation of information systems, capable they support the forecast of action and the decision-making at the process of arrest and concretisation of each proportional work or program, it mainly aims in it minimises the problems that emanate from the joint responsibility of administrative bodies and the weakness of co-ordination of energies of involved institutions. A such informative system is drawn in the frame of work. His differences from the usual systems are located so much in the content what the way of organisation of information.

Contact Person: Chrysoula Bekiari,

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