Information Systems Laboratory

Cultural telematics Applications

Category: national

Project Title: Telematics Centre, Information Highway linking organizations in Crete, Cyprus and south-eastern Mediterranean : Cultural telematics Applications

Funding Organization: Region of Crete, INTERREG II

Coordinator: FORTH - ICS, Panos Constantopoulos

Partners: Greek Ministery of Culure

Duration: 01/01/1998 - 30/06/2001

Expiration Date: 30/6/2001

Total Budget: 5365371

FORTH ICS budget: 676200

Project Objective: The Telematics Center for Cultural Applications, as part of the INTERREG II programme administered by the (Greek) Ministry of National Economy has been underway since January 1998. Its very aim is the creation of an information highway linking cultural organizations in Crete, Cyprus and Egypt together with the development and adaptation and installation of existing cultural information systems (POLEMON, MAISTOR etc) to the cultural organizations of Northeastern Mediterranean Countries. The project guarantees compatibility of information structures, procedures and required technical infrastructure.

Contact Person: Chrysoula Bekiari,

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