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Category: national

Project Title: MAESTOR - Structural documentation system for monuments and listed buildings of Crete

Funding Organization: Region of Crete, ROP of Crete

Coordinator: FORTH Foundation for Research & Technology, Panos Constantopoulos

Partners: Institute of Mediterranean Studies IMS-FORTH (GR), National Technical University- Athens (GR) , 13th Ephorate of Byzantine & Post-Byzantine Antiquities, 7th Ephorate of Modern Monuments, Organisation for the development of Sitia (GR)

Duration: 01/09/1996 - 30/09/1998

Expiration Date: 30/9/1998

Total Budget: 102715

FORTH ICS budget: 88041

Project Objective: 

Main outcome of the Maestor project was the design and development of a mixed system, the Structural Documentation System for Buildings, which can support the systematic recording of basic and detailed characteristics of monuments and listed buildings, along with the classification of historical, structural, typological and morphological data and the documentation of alterations.

Links: MAESTOR - Structural Documentation System for Buildings

Contact Person: Chrysoula Bekiari,,

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