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Project Title: HYPERTOUR - a Hypermedia Platform Combining an Organisational Framework and a Methodology for the Exploitation and Promotion of Tourism in Europe of 2000

Funding Organization: EU - DGIII, Information Technologies Programme

Coordinator: Egnatia Epirus foundation (GR), Dimitrios Fotiadis

Partners: "HYPERTOUR USERS ASSOCIATION (HUA), ICS-FORTH (GR), ARCHIMEDES Ltd.(GR), ALBANET Ltd. (UK), HORWATH CONSULTING HELLAS Ltd. (GR), Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (ESP) , ATM Group Europe(SWE) EURITIS S.A.(FRA) , Gessellschaft fuer Wittschaftsforschung und Informationsmanagement mbH (GER) , D.&G. Kalofolias S.A.(GR) , Epsilon Software S.A.(GR) , SELISA S.A.(FRA) , R&S Informatica SRL (IT) , Sistemas Multiposto e Distribuidos (POR)"

Duration: 01/11/1995 - 31/10/1997

Expiration Date: 31/10/1997

Total Budget: 4622157

FORTH ICS budget: 147909

Project Objective: "The HYPERTOUR project aimed at developing a comprehensive business procedure for the planning, production, distribution and exploitation of multimedia applications in the field of tourist information. The project addressed a wide spectrum of needs for tourism-related multimedia applications in a business-centered manner (or approach) covering the entire life-cycle of development. Its objectives were -(1) the establishment (set-up) of six multimedia pilots in five Eu countries (which form the Hypertour Users Association (HUA), covering both the business and the technical processes, -(2) the formulation of a generic organisation and business framework for such applications, -(3) the development of a technical platform, in order to reduce the cost and increase the quality and revenue of multimedia products in the field, and -(4) the development of authoring guidelines and template libraries in commercial authoring systems and of asset databases and applications in each pilot.
ICS-FORTH worked on the development of a resource database for commercial authoring of tourist-related publications."

Contact Person: Martin Doerr,

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