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Category: european

Project Title: MULTOS - Multimedia Office Server

Funding Organization: EU - ESPRIT

Partners: Olivetti (Italy), Triumph Adler (Germany), Batelle Institute E.V.(Germany), Instituto Informazione (Italy), Mnminica (Greece), ERIA (Spain)

Duration: 01/02/1985 - 01/02/1990

Expiration Date: 31/12/1990

Total Budget: 388261

FORTH ICS budget: 16597

Project Objective: The aim of this project was to develop a filing system for the needs of the office. The system had a distributed architecture, consisting of server and client stations, connected via a local area network. The server stations handled magnetic and optical disks, and performed document filing and retrieval, while the client stations interfaced the users to the system. Documents were retrieved by predefined keywords, or by content – that is, by random words, phrases, or images that are contained in them.

Contact Person: Panos Constantopoulos

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