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Category: european

Project Title: IWS - Intelligent Workstation

Funding Organization: EU - ESPRIT

Partners: Bull Transac (France), INRIA (France), Vrije U. Brussel (Belgium), Katholieke U. Nigmegen (Netherlands), OCE (Netherlands)

Duration: 01/03/1985 - 01/03/1989

Expiration Date: 31/12/1989

Project Objective: The aim of the IWS (Intelligent Workstation) project was the development of a User Interface Management System, which would accept as input the specifications for a user interface and automatically generate this user interface. β€œAchilles” as it was called, was implemented in LeLisp, and supported a wide spectrum of communication means, such as text, graphics and voice, concurrent operation of I/O devices and the UI.

Contact Person: Yannis Vassiliou

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