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Category: national

Project Title: DIAVATIS - Interactive System for Improving the Promotion of Touristic & Historical Aspects

Funding Organization: GSRT - Op. Pr. Competitiveness

Coordinator: FORTHnet, Vassilis Spitadakis

Partners: FORTHnet, FORTH, FORTHcrs, WINTOURS, Municipality of Korthiou, Municipality of Archanes, Municipality of Gorgolaini, Municipality of Temenos, Municipality of Kazantzaki, Municipality of Sifnos, Municipality of Tylissos

Duration: 07/07/2003 - 06/12/2005

Expiration Date: 6/12/2005

Total Budget: 840393

FORTH ICS budget: 291589

Project Objective: "The aim of this project is to create an interactive information system for managing and promoting the cultural heritage and natural environment of the Greek islands. The purpose of this particular information system is the management and promotion of regions of Greece that are of historic, cultural and touristic interest. The project will be supported by the existing mechanisms that promote tourism in Greece. It will be able to provide travel agents and individual visitors with all the relevant information they might require when they develop their travel plan with regard to visits to sites of interest, access to historic monuments, landscapes and various routes."

Contact Person: Chrysoula Bekiari,

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