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Category: european

Project Title: SeLeNe - Self e-Learning Networks

Funding Organization: EU - IST

Coordinator: Birkbeck College, University of London, George Loizou

Partners: Birkbeck College (Univ. of London), Institute of Education (Univ. of London), ICS-FORTH, Univ. of Cyprus, Universite Paris-Sud

Duration: 01/11/2002 - 31/01/2004

Expiration Date: 31/1/2003

Total Budget: 283000

FORTH ICS budget: 59000

Web Site:

Project Objective: "The goal of the project is to identify technologies for syndication and personalisation of educational resources, including:

  • manipulation of atomic and complex Learning Objects (LO)
  • trails management for moderated e-learning
  • (semi-)automatic generation of LO metadata
  • semantic reconciliation of e-learning description schemas
  • conceptual querying/browsing for e-learning Portals
  • declarative view specification languages for instructors, learners
  • notification services for new Los
  • peer-to-peer infrastructure

Contact Person: Vassilis Christophides,

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