Information Systems Laboratory


Category: national

Project Title: 05AKMON96

Funding Organization: GSRT, Hellenic Ministry of Development - 3rd Community Support Framework, Operational Programme Competitiveness

Coordinator: FORTH - ICS, Grigoris Antoniou

Duration: 01/06/2006 - 30/06/2008

Expiration Date: 30/6/2008

Total Budget: 259382

FORTH ICS budget: 259382

Project Objective: 

The goal of the project was the support of research and development work for advanced cultural information systems  based on open source software, the development of high quality services, the extension of the infrastructure technologies of the laboratory, the modelling and ontology development in areas beyond cultural informatics (as bioinformatics and health), e-learning and ambient environments.

List of papers supported by the European Union and the Hellenic Ministry of Development through the Operational Programme Competitiveness 05AKMON96

Contact Person: Grigoris Antoniou

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