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EO User Service Next Generation

Category: european

Project Title: EO User Service Next Generation

Funding Organization: European Space Agency


Partners: Ericsson Telecomunicazioni S.p.A., ELCA, Nigel Press Associates Ltd, Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas, Institute of Computer Science, Critical Software, Com Sine, International Geospatial Services Institute

Duration: 01/12/2007 - 31/07/2008

Expiration Date: 31/7/2008

FORTH ICS budget: 25000

Project Objective: ESA Earth Observation Multi-Mission User Services provide ESA customers with services to access to ESA and ESA-hosted Third party Mission Data. These are currently provided by Web information pages, Helpdesk, Catalogue, On-demand Ordering. Main driver of the operational concept was to efficiently serve the scientific user community. The proposed activity shall redefine the ESA multi-mission ground segment User Service Data Access infrastructure and infer any required changes upstream to the overall Multi-Mission Ground Segment. The present procurement shall include: a) a detailed assessment of the data access needs and preferences of the different user communities and consequent critical revision of the service portfolio and user requirements b) a full end-to-end study for innovation of User Services for Data Access c) an analysis of potential reuse for the GMES Space Component Data Access Coordinating Functions d) a pre-operational demonstrator of the revised User Service Data Access service portfolio.e) Planning and costing of all activities for operational migration from the present to the new infrastructure (actual execution of these activities would be part of a follow-on activity).

Contact Person: Yannis Tzitzikas,

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