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Category: national

Project Title: POLITEIA - Culture-Technology-New Technologies in Research, Study, Documentation and Access to information of Cultural Heritage Objects and Monuments

Funding Organization: General Secretariat of Research and Technology / NSRF 2007-2013, Research Infrastructures

Coordinator: FORTH, Demetrios Anglos

Duration: 01/07/2013 - 30/09/2015

Expiration Date: 30/9/2015

Total Budget: 1.329.288

FORTH ICS budget: 240.295

Project Objective: 

The project forms part of the strategic development plan of FORTH and is a comprehensive interdisciplinary action among six research institution aiming to the development and use of new technologies and tools in the field of Cultural Heritage. The main goal of the project is to conduct research for developing new innovative methods, techniques, materials and tools with applications in analysis / diagnosis, documentation, study, protection and emergence of archaeological / historical objects, works of art, monuments and archaeological sites. The actions proposed to be developed under this project within the following basic axes:

  • Science and technology for analysis, detection and intervention (eg, analytical methods, geodiaskopisis archaeological sites, laser cleaning tables etc)
  • Intangible cultural content (books, files, databases)
  • Material objects of cultural heritage (museum objects, monuments, places)
The Centre for Cultural Informatics will develop methods and systems for:
  • Public Interaction with Museum Objects
  • Knowledge Platform for Technology Application in Art Conservation
  • Standardized Documentation of Analytical methods and Interventions in Art Conservation
  • Developing national guidelines for modelling spatial data based on European Directive Inspire

Contact Person: Martin Doerr,

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