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Category: national

Project Title: ΑΝΝΑ ΚΟΜΝEΝE - Creation and promotion of multilingual electronic editions and of an information portal on Monuments of Byzantine Era

Funding Organization: 3rd Framework Program / Information Society Programme

Coordinator: FORTH - ICS, Martin Doerr

Duration: 08/12/2005 - 31/10/2006

Expiration Date: 31/10/2006

Web Site:

Project Objective: 

The work in this project include

  1. the development of a cultural multilingual system for management and documentation of scientific data for the monuments of Byzantine World.
  2. the development of a thesaurus for listed buildings restoration and the use and adaptation of SIS-TMS
  3. the development of a portal for the dynamic data exploitation in 5 languages (greek, english, french, italian and arabic)

Contact Person: Chrysoula Bekiari,

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