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Patakis Lexicon

Category: commercial

Project Title: Patakis Lexicon, a dictionary publishing system

Funding Organization: PATAKIS PUBLICATIONS

Coordinator: FORTH - ICS, Martin Doerr

Duration: 18/03/2005 - 17/12/2009

Expiration Date: 17/12/2009

Total Budget: 79.800

FORTH ICS budget: 79.800

Web Site:

Project Objective: 

The "Patakis-Lexicon" is a dictionary publishing system that is used to create dictionary databases for both printed and electronic products. It enables the lexicographers to focus on the creative process of lexicography and to work effectively and efficiently throughout the editorial cycle without being constrained by the mechanics of dictionary production.
It supports the complete workflow of the editorial cycle of lemmas, which includes multiple editing process phases and lemmas exchange between the dictionary coordinator and the editors. The system also supports the splitting of the lemma-document in numerous parts and their assignment to different editors according their specialty (e.g. assignment of editing of different meanings of a lemma to many editors according to their field of expertise, assignment of lemma’s etymology to the etymologist, assignment of the phonetic parts of the lemma to the phonetic specialist, etc.). The centralized control, assignments, final overview and approval is performed by the dictionary coordinator-editor, who is responsible for the quality control of the dictionary.
The system at its current state is used for the creation of an interpretive Greek dictionary and a bilingual translation (English-Greek and Greek-English) dictionary. It is designed to be able to support definition/ interpretive and bilingual translation dictionaries of any language, with a minimum configuration.

Contact Person: Martin Doerr,

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