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Category: national

Project Title: RIP-C - Regional Innovation Pole of Crete - Α3: Advanced Broadband Services and E-Business

Funding Organization: General Secretariat of Research and Technology / Competitiveness Programme

Coordinator: University of Crete, Vasilios Siris

Partners: Technical University of Crete - TUC, Foundation for Research and Technology HELLAS – FORTH-ICS, Technological Educational Institute of Crete – T.E.I Crete, FORTHNET SA - FORTHNET, IKAROS BROADCASTING COMPANIES SA - IKAROS SA, GENNET SA

Duration: 01/11/2006 - 15/12/2008

Expiration Date: 15/12/2008

Total Budget: 300954

FORTH ICS budget: 20765

Project Objective: 

The project aims at developing and evaluating advanced value-added services over broadband networks and to create a center for E-Business and Business Transformation that will advocate and promote the use of new ICT technologies for business transformation and adoption of new business models. Additionally, a new pole for training and continuous education will be established with the goal of enhancing the capacities of businesses in the Region of Crete in exploiting new ICT technologies and broadband services and thus, improving their competitiveness potential. The pole will also function as an “information center” for enterprises and small businesses with the purpose of broadly disseminating the results of the project and assessing its impact in the business landscape of the region of Crete.

Contact Person: Dimitris Plexousakis,

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