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            1. Roussakis, I., Chrysakis, I., Stefanidis, K., Flouris, G., & Stavrakas, Y. (2015). A Flexible Framework for Defining, Representing and Detecting Changes on the Data WebIn arXiv:1501.02652
            2. Baláž, M., Frtús, J., Homola, M., Šefránek, J., & Flouris, G. (2014). Embedding Defeasible Logic Programs into Generalized Logic Programs (Extended Version). Technical Reports in Informatics TR-2014-043. Comenius University of Bratislava
            3. Homola, M., Patkos, Th., Flouris, G., Frtús, J., Šimko, A., Šefránek, J., Zografistou, D., & Baláž, M. (2014). Resolving Conflicts in Knowledge for Ambient Intelligence. Technical Reports in Informatics TR-2014-041. Comenius University of Bratislava
            4. Doerr, M., Gradmann , S., Le Boeuf, P., Aalberg, T., Bailly, N., & Olensky, M. (2013). Final Report on EDM – FRBRoo Application Profile Task Force. May 2013.
            5. Tzitzikas, Y. (2013). A Simple Method to Produce Algorithmic MIDI Music based on Randomness, Simple Probabilities and Multi-Threading.
            6. Stefanidis, K., & Pitoura, E. (2013). Finding the Right Set of Users: Generalized Constraints for Group Recommendations
            7. Baláž, M., Flouris, G., Frtús, J., Homola, M., Patkos, Th., Šefránek, J., Šimko, A., & Zografistou, D. (2013). KR Methods to Deal with Conflicts in AmI Systems. Univerzita Komenského v Bratislave TR-041, 2013
            8. Doerr, M., & Tzitzikas, Y. (2012). Information Carriers and Identification of Information Objects: An Ontological Approach. 1201.0385.
            9. Damásio, C.V., Analyti, A., & Antoniou, G. (2012). Provenance for SPARQL queries. 1209.0378.
            10. Analyti, A., Antoniou, G., Damásio, C.V., & Wagner, G. (2011). Extended RDF as a Semantic Foundation of Rule Markup Languages. 1111.0055.
            11. Meghini, C., Tzitzikas, Y., Coltella, V., & Analyti, A. (2011). Query processing in distributed, taxonomy-based information sources. 1109.2425.
            12. Hickson, M., Kargakis, Y., & Tzitzikas, Y. (2011). Similarity-based Browsing over Linked Open Data. 1106.4176.
            13. Papadakos, P., Theoharis, Y., Marketakis, Y., Armenatzoglou, N., & Tzitzikas, Y. (2009). Object-Relational Database Representations for Text Indexing. abs/0906.3112.
            14. Papadakos, P., Vasiliadis, G., Theoharis, Y., Armenatzoglou, N., Kopidaki, S., Marketakis, Y., Daskalakis, M., Karamaroudis, K., Linardakis, G., Makrydakis, G., Papathanasiou, V., Sardis, L., Anagnostopoulos-Tsialiamanis, P., Troullinou, G., Vandikas, K., Velegrakis, D., & Tzitzikas, Y. (2008). The Anatomy of Mitos Web Search Engine. abs/0803.2220.
            15. Meghini, C., Tzitzikas, Y., & Analyti, A. (2007). Query Evaluation in P2P Systems of Taxonomy-based Sources: Algorithms, Complexity, and Optimizations
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