Information Retrieval and Analysis


Coordinator: Prof. Yannis Tzitzikas

Information Retrieval (IR) aims at giving access to large, mainly unstructured, amounts of information, and traditionally focuses on best match retrieval models, on the representation, indexing and storage of documents and on the evaluation of retrieval effectiveness. However to support human users in obtaining correct information from the huge and increasing amounts available, in the appropriate amount/form, relevant to the task at hand and presented in the appropriate way, is a complex and challenging goal.

ISL has active interests in the process of information retrieval as a whole, from the modeling of IR systems through large-scale experimentation to user-centered evaluation. Current ISL research and development activities aim at advancing and extending information retrieval techniques for supporting recall-oriented and exploratory information needs and aiding decision making. Special emphasis is given on the support of progressive (session-based) interaction models and on the coupling of querying and browsing.

ISL aims to apply such methods to Web Searching, Digital Libraries, E-Commerce, E-culture, E-health, and Linked Data.

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