Vision for Robotics - Towards Structure of Objects
Speaker: Prof. Markus Vincze, Automation and Control Institute, Technical University of Vienna, Austria
Date: 27 March 2008 Time: 13:15-15:00
Location: "Mediterranean Studies" Seminar Room, FORTH, Heraklion, Crete
Host: Antonis Argyros


While robots are more and more present in media, most of them still operate in factories executing the same task over and over again blindly. Work in the Vision for Robotics group has the intention to make robots see. That is, we want to devise machine vision methods to perceive structures and objects such that robots act in and learn from every day situations. In the presentation I will show several examples from European and national projects and what can be achieved today. In particular examples will be shown on how to detect the structure of the environment and objects, which can the be used for robotic navigation or industrial applications.


Markus Vincze is Professor of Robotics at the Automation and Control Institute of the Technical University Wien. He leads national and European projects in the area of robust sensing for service robots and industrial applications. He was granted a three-year grant from the Austrian Academy of Sciences and worked as guest researcher at HelpMate Robotics Inc. and at the Vision Laboratory of Gregory Hager at Yale University. His special interests are vision techniques for real-world robotics solutions.

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