Helping to find the needle in a haystack - Brno University of Technology speech applications for security and defense
Speaker: Jan Cernocky, FIT VUT
Date: 06 July 2009 Time: 11:30-13:00
Location: "Mediterranean Studies" Seminar Room, FORTH, Heraklion, Crete.
Host: Yannis Stylianou


Speech is the most important modality in human to human communication. In this talk, we speak about speech analysis and recognition for security and defense needs. The problem is usually not to obtain the speech, but to efficiently process thousands of hours of voice communications, either on-line or off-line. Speech@FIT group at Brno University of Technology is developing speech recognition technologies capable of narrowing the search space in these quantities of data. This talk will give an overview of language recognition, speaker recognition, keyword spotting and speech transcription investigated at BUT. It will stress the importance of international evaluations organized by NIST, in which BUT recorded some important successes, and for each of the mentioned applications, identify techniques that are essential for good system performance.


Jan "Honza" Cernocky (Ing. [MS] 1993 Brno University of Technology (BUT); Dr. [PhD] 1998 Universite Paris XI and BUT) was with the Institute of Radio-electronics, BUT (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) as assistant professor from 1997. Since February 2002, he is with the Faculty of Information Technology (FIT), BUT as Associate Professor (Doc.) and Head of the Department of Computer Graphics and Multimedia. With Prof. Hynek Hermansky he is leading the Speech@FIT group at FIT VUT. Dr. Cernocky supervises several PhD students. He has been involved with several European projects: SPEECHDAT-E (4th FP, technical coordination), SpeeCon, Multimodal meeting manager (M4, both 5th FP), Augmented Multiparty interaction (AMI, 6th FP), and CareTaker (6th FP). Currently, he participates in AMIDA (6th FP) and coordinates FIT's participation in, MOBIO (7th FP) and in projects supported by Czech Ministries of Industry and Defense. Dr. Cernocky is author or co-author of more than 40 papers in journals and at conferences. He has served as reviewer for conferences and journals, including IEEE Transactions on Speech and Audio Processing. He is on the scientific board of FIT, scientific board of Text-Speech-Dialogue conference, editorial board of the journal Radioengineering and on the board of Czechoslovak section of IEEE, and IEEE SLTC.

Dr. Cernocky is a member of IEEE and ISCA. His research interests include signal processing and speech processing (speaker and language recognition, keyword spotting and spoken term detection).

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