The Danish Electronic Health Record Observatory
Speaker: Morten Brunn-Rasmussen, MediQ.
Date: 20 March 2006 Time: 11:00-12:30
Location: "Mediterranean Studies" Seminar Room, FORTH, Heraklion, Crete.
Host: C. Chronaki


Since 1998 the Observatory has collected data on various aspects of EHR technology, modelling and dissemination (www.epj-observatoriet.dk) Activities in the observatory consist of analyses and documentation of

  • Implementation and dissemination issues; i.e. diffusion and diffusion rate of EHR-systems, experience among the different stakeholders, factors that increase diffusion and use of EHR-systems.
  • Issues related to common information model for EHR-systems; i.e. uncover differences and compatibilities between regional data models, communicate consequences of using incompatible data models, and specify the demand for a common frame of reference.The Observatory organises an annual conference with national and international speakers. Every year, around 500 people attends the conference. Also, the annual EHR report is published at the conference.MEDIQ is one of the two partners in the Danish EHR Observatory.


Morten Bruun-Rasmussen graduated as Engineer in 1991 and he has a university degree in computer science. Morten has extensive experience with strategy development and dissemination plans, requirement specifications, data modelling, standardisation and electronic communication of electronic health records (EHR). Since 1990 he has managed several strategic medical informatics projects on national and international level. Since 1997 he has been member of the Danish Electronic Health Record Observatory, which monitors and assesses the EHR development at the Danish Hospitals. He has performed quality labelling, validation and testing of the EHR systems.


Morten Bruun-Rasmussen, MEDIQ A/S,

Osterled 8, 2100 Copenhagen O, Danmark

Phone: +45 3092 2271,


web: www.mediq.dkk


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