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Since its establishment in 1989 the HCI Lab has participated in more than 60 European and National Collaborative Research Projects.

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8/9/2017 - 31/12/2019
Αξιοποίηση νέων τεχνολογιών για την κατ' οίκον παρακολούθηση, υποστήριξη και βελτίωση της ποιότητας ζωής ασθενών και άλλων ευπαθών ομάδων του πληθυσμού
KRIPIS “Quality of life”
1/7/2013 - 31/12/2015
Intelligent technologies for enhancing Quality of Life through the provision of health monitoring at home and support for everyday life activities
The KRIPIS “Quality of life” Project aims at investigating, designing, developing and evaluating integrated technological environments, including sensors and materials, targeted to enhancing quality of life for patients and older people through health monitoring at home, thus allowing early discharge protocols from hospital, as well as facilities to easy everyday life home activities. The project is conducted in collaboration with the CML Laboratory of ICS- FORTH, as well as the IESL and the IACM Institutes of FORTH.
Universally Accessible eServices for Disabled People, is a National funded project that aims to promote the equal participation of people with disabilities in e-government services, and supports independent living by enabling the provision of personalised and informative fully accessible e-services available through mobile devices as well as traditional desktop PCs equipped with assistive technology. The project involves the development of an accessible web portal for the provision of e-services developed for the Panhellenic Association of the Blind, the procurement of the necessary technical infrastructure (PCs&PDAs) as well as special peripheral assistive technology devices and software for people with disabilities, and the provision of Internet connections through broadband networks (wired and wireless).
Starlight is a novel software environment for developing and interacting with multimodal interactive electronic textbooks that provide a Dual User Interface, i.e., an interface concurrently accessible by visually impaired and sighted persons. The platform, named Starlight, comprises two sub-systems: (a) the 'Writer’, facilitating the authoring of electronic textbooks; and (b) the 'Reader’, enabling multimodal interaction with the created electronic textbooks. Up to now, the Starlight platform has been used for the development of 8 products that have been approved by the Pedagogical Institute of Greece and purchased for use in Greek Primary and Secondary Schools. A public version of the Starlight Reader has been released for free use by blind people. In this context, a number of copyright-free Greek texts and translated English books are offered as free downloads.
eGovernment Services for Disabled
1/3/2007 - 30/11/2008
Access of Disabled People to eGovernment Services (Information Society S.A.)
The project has developed the Greek eGovernment portal, in the context of the Operational Programme "Information Society", Measure 2.2 "Government online". The website was developed by the "Access for the disabled to e-government services" project, which is co-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Hellenic Ministry of Interior. It aims to constitute a generic and systematic technological approach for supporting accessibility and usability of the content, as well as the design and development of accessible web services addressing people with disabilities. The website comprises of the following accessible web services:(i) Electronic Citizen Service Center, (ii) Job Finding Service, (iii)Digital library of assistive technology product and services.
1/3/2007 - 28/10/2008
Development of Portable Information Systems for Visitors in Selected Museums and Archaeological Sites (Hellenic Culture Organisation, Ministry of Culture)
1/4/2005 - 30/6/2007
Integrated intervetion for the equal participation of people with disabilities in the labour market.
The project focuses on specific discrimination and inequality problems that people with disabilities face in their attempt to enter the labour market due to their disability or multiple discrimination due to their disability as well as due to their sex, nationality, religion, immigration status, linguistic and cultural differences, etc. This project aims to develop and promote innovative methods, services and practices to enable accessibility and integration into the labour market for the members of the above mentioned target groups.
Educational Portal
31/3/2005 - 31/12/2005
Development of Educational Portal for the Region of Crete
The development of an Educational Portal for primary and secondary education in the area of Crete, will contribute to integrating the Information Society Technologies to the educational system, promoting the cultural identity of Crete, the implementation of a society with a substantial technical base that will be in the position to exploit effectively the arising opportunities for communication, collaboration among educators, students, related governmental bodies, parents and any other stakeholders in the field of education.
2/5/2003 - 30/6/2005
Training in Information and Telecommunication Assistive Technologies for People with Disabilities
This project aims at creating a human network between academic/research partners, an industrial partner and a non-profit organization for people with disability. The main objective of the project is information diffusion and training of the scientific, research and industrial parties, mainly in the use of new technologies, through training programmes (courses), techniques and methods that facilitate and support the use of new technologies by people with disability.
15/10/2002 - 28/2/2005
Coding and verification of discrimination facts and conditions, and methods/actions to beat unemployment for target groups facing disabilities and possibly additional multiple discriminations
The EQUAL project entitled PROKLISI aims to develop and promote methods and practices that will facilitate the employment of people who suffer negative discrimination in the labour market due to a disability condition. In addition, special focus will be given to those disabled people who face multiple discrimination due to the disability as the main cause of discrimination but combined with other additional discriminatory conditions (e.g. disabled people who are also migrants or drug-addicted or women, etc).
1/1/2003 - 31/12/2003
Organisation and Support of the National Network "" for Universal Access in the Information Society
The project is concerned with the organization and support of the National Network GR-DeAN (Greek Design for All e-Accessibility Network)
1/1/2000 - 30/6/2001
Human Network on Software Usability
1/1/2000 - 30/6/2001
New Technologies for Distance Education
1/11/1999 - 30/4/2001
Development of a Lexical Database for the Modern Greek language organised into semantically interrelated sets

1/6/1999 - 31/12/2000
Unified Web Browser for People with Disabilities

Contribution / Participation in R&D project work initiated by other ICS-FORTH Laboratories

15/1/2001 - 30/10/2004
Promotion Network for life-long Training & Distance Skills Accreditation in SMEs
The objective of this project is the dissemination and consolidation of life-long education and training in SMEs as well as the exploitation of new technological applications in training and acquisition of certified vocational skills, especially in IT and the internet. The project aims at supporting people at risk of exclusion in the labour market by providing opportunities for certified training and by creating systems and support mechanisms within the market that facilitate their vocational integration.
INTERREG / Greece - Cyprus
1/1/1998 - 31/10/2001
Crete - Telematics Centre
EPET-II: ECTourism
1/6/1999 - 31/5/2001
E-Commerce system for tourist services through the Internet

Contribution / Participation in R&D project work initiated by the University of Crete

1/9/2001 - 31/12/2006
Support and Enrichment of the Library and Information Services of the University of Crete" - Workpackage 4.5 "Establishment of a support service for users with disabilities"
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