Papers in Proceedings of International Conferences (full-paper reviewed)
  • Papadaki, E., Ntoa, S., Adami, I., & Stephanidis, C. (2018). Let’s Cook: an Augmented Reality system towards developing cooking skills for children with cognitive impairments. In B. Guidi, L. Ricci, C. Calafate, O. Gaggi, & J. Marquez-Barja (Eds.), Proceedings of the 3rd EAI International Conference on Smart Objects and Technologies for Social Good (GOODTECHS 2017), Pisa, Italy, 29–30 November(pp. 237-247). Springer, LNICST 233.
  • Stefanidi, E., Korozi, M., Leonidis, L., Doulgeraki, M., & Antona, M. (2018). Educator-Oriented Tools for Managing the Attention-Aware Intelligent Classroom. In the Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Mobile, Hybrid, and On-line Learning (eLmL 2018), Rome, Italy, 25-29 March 2018 (pp. 72-77). IARIA.
  • Ntoa, S., Margetis, G., Antona, M., & Stephanidis, C. (2018). UXAmI Observer: An automated user experience evaluation tool for Ambient Intelligence environments. In the Proceedings of the Intelligent Systems Conference (IntelliSys) 2018, 6 - 7 September, London, UK.
Authored Chapters in books and encyclopedias
  • Valsamakis, Y., & Savidis, A. (2018). Personal Applications in the Internet of Things Through Visual End-User Programming. In C. Linnhoff-Popien, R. Schneider, & M. Zaddach (Eds.), Chapter in Digital Marketplaces Unleashed (pp 809-821). Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer
  • Papagiannakis, G., Geronikolakis, E., Pateraki, M., López–Menchero, V.M., Tsioumas, M., Sylaiou, S., Liarokapis, F., Grammatikopoulou, A., Dimitropoulos, K., Grammalidis, N., Partarakis, N., Margetis, G., Drossis, G., Vassiliadi, M., Chalmers, A., Stephanidis, C., & Magnenat-Thalmann, N. (2018). Mixed Reality Gamified Presence and Storytelling for Virtual Museums. Encyclopedia of Computer Graphics and Games. Springer.
Keynotes, Editorials and Articles in ERCIM News
  • Bouloukakis, M., Stratakis, C., & Stephanidis, C. (2018). AmI Garden: building an Iot Infrastructure for Precision Agriculture. Ercim News, Special Theme: Smart Farming, 113, 18-19.
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