Tutorials presented at major international conferences

  • Antona, M., Savidis, A., & Stephanidis, C. (2005). Tutorial on "Designing for All: Methods, Tools, and Practice ". Tutorial no. 24 in the 11th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 22-27 July.
  • Stephanidis, C. (2002). IS4ALL Tutorial on "Universal access to Electronic Health Records". Tutorial in Electronic Health Records: Our Care (EUROREC 2002), Berlin, Germany, 13-14 December.
  • Engelbrecht, R., De Moor, G., Kalra, D., Freriks, G., & Stephanidis, C. (2002). Tutorial on "Universal Access Tools in e-Health - health care support in data and knowledge". Tutorial in the XVIIth International Congress of the European Federation for Medical Informatics (MIE 2002), Budapest, Hungary, 25-29 August.
  • Iakovidis, I., & Stephanidis, C. (2001). Tutorial on "Improving User Acceptance". Tutorial in the 10th World Congress on Medical Informatics (MEDINFO 2001), London, UK, 2-5 September.
  • Stephanidis, C., Savidis, A., & Akoumianakis, D. (2001). Tutorial on "Engineering Universal Access: Unified User Interfaces". Tutorial in the 1st Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction Conference (UAHCI 2001), jointly with the 9th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI International 2001), New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, 5-10 August.
  • Stephanidis, C., Savidis, A., & Akoumianakis, D. (2001). Tutorial on "Universally accessible UIs: The unified user interface development". Tutorial in the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2001), Seatle, Washington, 31 March - 5 April.
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